Read and Discuss

Read and Discuss (May also be called Read, Discuss and Draw)

This delivery of CI can be used with anything that you are reading with students.  With R and D, you read a short portion of the story together–anything from a sentence to a paragraph, and you watch your barometer students to see how much they can handle.  You can have them read silently first, but whether you do or not, read aloud with them the portion you intend to discuss.  Then, ask:  interrogationes?  They can ask you first about any words they don’t know.  Based on the level of confusion, you may decide right there to stop and do some PQA around a word or phrase for several minutes before going on (CI methods always mix and match).  Once vocab is cleared up, begin by asking them the basic literature discussion questions:  quis/qui, ubi, quid accidit, quae est difficultas?  Cur?  Quomodo?  etc.  With these basic questions, you can ask more specifically, based on context.  After you have asked all the questions possible for the selected portion, have them draw what you have just discussed if you are doing the DRAW part of this.  Drawing is not always necessary.  They can draw anything about the selected portion, but any words they put on the drawing must be in Latin.  Urge them to label characters and write short captions beneath their drawings.

Go to the next portion (sentence, sentences or paragraph) and repeat the above.  Do this until you have read the entire story.  This may take a class period or several class periods.  It depends on the reading and the class.  It is excellent to follow a session of R and D/D with a timed write.

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