About–How to use this site

About This Site

  • This site is for all Latin teachers using or interested in using  Comprehensible Input theory and practices to teach Latin.  Both teachers brand new to CI and those with experience will find this collection useful.
  • This site is an ongoing and ever growing collection of Comprehensible Input approaches being used by Latin teachers and offered for Latin teachers. The CI approaches will always be added to the Home page, and you will find an alphabetical listing of them on the sidebar of the Home page.  Newest additions always appear first in the Home Page scroll.
  • This site is own and edited by the owners and moderators of Latin Best Practices (a yahoo group): David Maust, Bob Patrick, and John Piazza.
  • The information and practices here are shared freely with any teacher who wishes to use them in their classroom.  Anyone wishing to take materials from this site and use in workshops must obtain prior permission.  Permission will only be granted to those who agree to acknowledge the sources and use the materials as they appear on this site.
  • If you develop or learn a CI approach not described here, please send it to us in a word doc and we will add it to the collection if it meets the criteria of CI work.  We will give the author due credit.

How To Use This Site

  • Using the search bar at the top of the home page, you may search for a CI approach by name.  E.g. “TPRS”, or “Embedded readings.”
  • All CI approaches have also been tagged by their known name but some may include connected terms such as read and draw, read and discuss.  So, a search for “read” would pull them both up as well as entries on embedded reading.
  • If you have a question about what you find here or have found something that needs correction, please use the contact form on this page. Additionally, questions and/or requests for feedback may be posted to “Latin Best Practices“. Be sure to include a link to the specific page on this site for reference.

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