Downloadable Documents

We list here documents of a variety of kinds that support and encourage the work of CI in general and for Latin teachers in particular.  If you download and use these documents, especially in public ways, be sure to give credit to the authors.

50-most-imporant-latin-verbs-edited-with-macrons-1  A production of various members of the Latin Best Practices listserv.  Thanks to Alex Lee for providing formatting and macrons!

50-most-imporant-latin-verbs-edited-with-macrons (1) This is a PDF version of the same.  Some computers don’t handle the Word Doc version very well.

50-verbs-3rd-with-trans An easy to use handout for students with just 3rd person singular forms and simple English equivalents.

50-verbs-3rd-with-trans PDF version of the same.

50-most-important-verbs-wallposters  Download and print to card stock.  Creates either very large flash cards, or words for a word wall of the 50 most important verbs.

ACTFL Can Do Statements: In a CI classroom, we have to deliver understandable messages about things that students find compelling, and we have to do it at a pace that fits the time we spend with them.  These Can Do Statements give us a realisitc sense of what students should be able to do between Novice Low (Latin 1) to Intermediate Mid to High (Latin 4).

Administrators Checklist–From Susan Gross–a checklist to share with those who observe you

Checklist-for-Observing-a-FL-Classroom–Bryce Hedstrom This one from Bryce Hedstrom.

GAPerformanceStandardsintheFLclassroom Here is an example of what we could all do.  This document contains the 10 Georgia Performance Standards that are now being implemented in State schools  for observation and evaluation of teachers.  They are actually not bad, but they don’t necessarily lend themselves to what an administrator might see in a CI classroom.  On the left side of the document, you will see CI principles and activities aligned with the Standards.  What evaluation standards are in use in your State, your school?  Can you create a model like this to give to your administrators?  If you do, send it to us and we will post as an example here.

The Case For Non-Targeted Comprehensible Input–Stephen Krashen, Journal of Bilingual Education Research and Instruction, 2013

Comprehensible Input for Latin and Greek Before Krashen–An excerpt from Stuart J Blackie’s 1891 Greek Primer with a modern commentary.

Dictionary_of_Latin_Quotations_Proverbs A gem available as PDF from Google Books, compiled by H.T. Riley, London, 1866.

Grammar: The Wrong Way to Teach Grammar – Education – The Atlantic An articulate description of what works and doesn’t in teaching grammar.

How To Begin Comprehensible Input–John, Bob and David created a CI based Latin unit.

How to Create Embedded Readings–Laurie Clarcq’s very helpful Power Point.

Latin Is Not Different–Bob Patrick’s essay identifying important issues around acquisition of Latin that works for all kinds of learners. First delivered at the SALVI summit, July of 2010.

Storytelling: the Cornerstone of Literacy–This article (with ample biblio) by Debra Weller is a very good read and support for storytelling in the classroom.  Not only should you not be put off by her focus on kindergarten, but remember that what works for the very young speaker and reader of first language is a mirror of what happens for the reading, speaking and writing of students of second language.  Her comments on storytelling, what it does for the brain and how it helps the brain acquire new material is helpful for teachers who want to integrate storytelling into their curriculum.

Teaching Comprehensible Input–FAQ’s–by Robert Harrel

Why We Can’t Just Teach Words–Slavic–Ben Slavic

3 thoughts on “Downloadable Documents

  1. Thank you so much for that awesome post about DEA! I am so excited to put it to use in my class. Even though I teach Spanish, I will surely find a way to make it ominous and playful 🙂
    I made a clipart/student handout almost identical to what you posted, but in Word format. It will be there if you would like to download it.

  2. Mr. Patrick, you are my hero. I want to do all of this. I was reading about your story that you created when you then asked your students to find info in the passage. Do you have a copy of this story? I won’t use it…I just want to see an example of what it looks like. “Quid de Quinto scimus? …story about Quintus who lives in a large country mansion. I teach Latin in Charlottesville, VA…just starting back after a 20 year hiatus and I am reading and doing as much as I can with CI. Thank you sooo much for all that you do!

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