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Articles Published in Various Journals

  • Carol Gaab breaks down the basics of teaching with Comprehensible Input
  • Recent research shows that Reading and Multi-lingualism changes our brains.

Ben Slavic 

Professional learning community of Ben Slavic, one of the CI gurus.  4.95 per month.  Only forcommitted practitioners.  More resources than you can believe.  Has a substantial Latin teacher presence on the PLC.

Brain Research Languages are acquired unconsciously.  Krashen made this claim in 1984 with his five hypothesis.  Recent research demonstrates that he was right.

The Composing Process  A very recent article by Stephen Krashen on writing in the L2 classroom–what it is and can be, and what it is not.

Comprehension Check–53 Ways–A great list of possible ways to check for comprehension and allow students to choose a way they like best.

Grant Boulanger’s Blog

Grant is a Spanish teacher in Minnesota and recently named FL Teacher of the Year there.  His reflections on his CI work in the classroom are good for teachers of any language.

Great Teachers  A must read article for all teachers.

Indwelling Language  

Justin Slocum Bailey’s site offering a growing collection of resources firmly rooted in CI practices for Latin teachers, students and autodidacts.

International Journal of Foreign Language Teachers

Free, juried journal of CI practitioners.  One of a kind.  Requires email as sign in.  Access to ALL back issues.

Keith Toda’s CI Blog

Keith Toda’s blog where he writes about what he is doing in his CI Latin classroom.  Keith writes with humor, honesty and enthusiasm about how CI is transforming teaching and learning in his Latin program.

Lance Piantaggini’s CI Blog

Lance is a Latin teacher who has and continues to explore the implications for CI in the Latin classroom with the dedication of a warrior.  His posts are thought provoking and practice changing.

Latin Best Practices List Serve

The Latin—Best Practices Group is for all Latin teachers and students who are interested in applying best practices in language acquisition to their work in Latin. Best practices comprises a general set of effective and differentiated pedagogical methodologies which can be applied to all subjects. Best practices in Latin also includes those language learning practices that 1) include the latest and best research in language acquisition; 2) those practices that help learners acquire various language abilities in Latin; and 3) practices and practitioners that are constantly evolving in order to serve learners’ needs.

Latin Lexicons online

At this site you will find a number of lexica.  Scroll down a bit and find the Saxo, Focellini, and Wagner which are additional resources to others that you may have for searching out meanings of words.

Likewise, the Freund-Lewis and Short dictionary, 1889, is online at this link:

Online Freund-Lewis and Short

Laurie Clarcq

Laurie Clarcq’s blog on all things pertaining to embedded readings.  This particular one includes a powerpoint that shows you how to create a “top down” embedded reading—perfect for Latin teachers who have texts which are too hard for students to read.

Pomegranate Beginnings

Guided by CI principles and best practices in second language work and technology integration, Rachel Ash and Miriam Patrick co-write this blog about their work, experiments, insights and innovations.  They share freely really exciting material, not to mention their passion for students, Latin and learning.


We are often asked about studies and research showing how CI methods compare with traditional methods.   Stephen Krashen has assembled a most impressive list of studies.  They demonstrate the superiority of  CI methods to traditional ones.


The North American Institute of Living Latin Studies–Many teachers using CI have met each other at a Rusticatio, Pedagogy Rusticatio or Biduum event sponsored by SALVI

Susan Gross–Downloadable documents

Susan Gross is a leader in the field of CI work.  Here, on her website you will find a number of articles and classroom helps that she has collected, both her own creations and  those of others.

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